Cindy was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 6, 1980.

Upon graduating from high school, she made the move into the skin biz, landing a job as an exotic dancer in one of Vegas' many strip clubs.
Her firm youthful good looks always attracted a crowd, and within few years she was ready to make the move into features.

Her own words...

I worked for Caesars Palace for a couple of years and then I got into dancing [stripping].
I was a dancer at Olympic Gardens for a year and a half. Then I switched over to Jaguars for a year and a half. I'm still on the advertising for both clubs On August 15, 2002.

I was driving down the freeway from Las Vegas, where I'm from, and I noticed this guy checking me out.

I signaled to him to pull over. I ask him what he did. He said he was an editor for the movie industry.
I said, 'It's not porn, is it?' He said, yes, it's porn. "I said, 'I've always wanted to try that.' He said, 'Follow me back to my office in Chatsworth and I'll get you some work.' And that's what I did.
His name is Greg. He's the editor at Sin City.

Short Interview

How did you come up with your name?
It's my real name. Cindy Crawford the famous model was only in junior high school when I was born.

When you were in high school, what clique did you hang with?
I was a big fat nerd. I graduated in the top five percent of Nevada. Full scholarships. The National Honors Society and all that good stuff. I had no friends. I didn't fit in. I come from a poor family. All my clothes were bought from thrift stores. They were all outdated. I was quiet and shy. I didn't talk to anybody.

What do you love and what do you hate about the industry?
I love the freedom to express myself and to develop relationships with people who I don't know and have never met by means of having a personal moment with them when they watch my videos. It's like I'm making love to the fan and not the guy that I'm with. I'm a total exhibitionist. They let me be what I want. I love to be as nasty as I can because that's what makes me happy. And there's no boundaries.