Short Interview

How did you come up with your name?
It's my real name. Cindy Crawford the famous model was only in junior high school when I was born.

When you were in high school, what clique did you hang with?
I was a big fat nerd. I graduated in the top five percent of Nevada. Full scholarships. The National Honors Society and all that good stuff. I had no friends. I didn't fit in. I come from a poor family. All my clothes were bought from thrift stores. They were all outdated. I was quiet and shy. I didn't talk to anybody.

What do you love and what do you hate about the industry?
I love the freedom to express myself and to develop relationships with people who I don't know and have never met by means of having a personal moment with them when they watch my videos. It's like I'm making love to the fan and not the guy that I'm with. I'm a total exhibitionist. They let me be what I want. I love to be as nasty as I can because that's what makes me happy. And there's no boundaries.