Her own words...

I worked for Caesars Palace for a couple of years and then I got into dancing [stripping].
I was a dancer at Olympic Gardens for a year and a half. Then I switched over to Jaguars for a year and a half. I'm still on the advertising for both clubs On August 15, 2002.

I was driving down the freeway from Las Vegas, where I'm from, and I noticed this guy checking me out.

I signaled to him to pull over. I ask him what he did. He said he was an editor for the movie industry.
I said, 'It's not porn, is it?' He said, yes, it's porn. "I said, 'I've always wanted to try that.' He said, 'Follow me back to my office in Chatsworth and I'll get you some work.' And that's what I did.
His name is Greg. He's the editor at Sin City.